Friday, January 8, 2016

Getting Catty

I honestly didn't set out to turn my girls into fellow crazy-cat-ladies, so its either genetic, or they just learned to look at cats through my eyes, as the most adorable, beautiful creatures on the planet.  Unfortunately, it means there are 3 of us in this house mourning the fact that we can't have one of our own.  Yes, I know there are hypo-allergenic ones out there, but truthfully, Adam is not just allergic, he really doesn't like them, or any animals for that matter. No, he isn't a psychopath, believe it or not!

They had been asking over and over to visit the cat café so when we had a rotten, cold afternoon on Boxing Day (Dec 26), after we got back from Florida, I took the opportunity to take them.

Unfortunately, lots of people had the same idea, so the place was packed and there was a 40 minute wait (they only allow 12 people in the cat area at a time, and they don't take reservations).  There isn't a cover charge, but you have to buy something to eat or drink.  The girls were all too happy to munch on fresh fruit cups and warm up with hot chocolate with whipped cream.  There is also coffee, tea and baked goods available.  Unfortunately, they got pretty restless waiting in line to place our order, get on the cat visit list, and then wait our turn after they'd finished their snacks.

When we finally got in they went nuts and almost instantly fell in love with Bud, the tabby you see below.

Personally I fell in love with this marmalade kitten...I can't remember her name, but ooh man, so soft, furry and adorable!!

The only problem is the cats are pretty tired by late afternoon, when we went, because they've been played with and cuddled so much.  They were sleepy, but very cuddly, docile and friendly.

They are all up for adoption, so the cats there rotate on a regular basis. 

The woman in charge of the cat room list told us it isn't usually as busy, but the winter holidays brought a huge bump in business.  We only got 15 minutes with the cats, but she said at quieter times you can get 30 minutes or so and the wait is shorter.  We will definitely have to go back.

We also finally got a pet of our own...sort of!

We took the girls to Indigo to spend their holiday gift cards.  Little A was having a very hard time choosing anything until she saw Zoomer Kitty.  Then she had to have one...and there was only one left! It cost way more money then she had, but she didn't care, she was happy to dip into her savings for it.

I really didn't think it was a good idea since our kids generally retain interest in toys for 2 minutes and this was very pricey, but we finally gave in, since it was her own money.

So far the girls are totally enamored with her (They've named her Mittens in honour of my kitty from my childhood).  She is pretty cool. She has to be charged by plugging her into the wall, but then she moves on her own, and responds to toys, purrs when you pet her, she meows and sings, and adapts to the environment (i.e. has memory of where there is furniture in your home).  I have no doubt they will tire of her soon, but maybe I'm wrong...they know this is likely the closest they'll get to a real pet!

If you have a cat, please give them a cuddle in my honour.  Have a lovely weekend!

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