Monday, December 8, 2014

Things I'm Lovin': December 2014 Edition

Its Monday!  No doubt about that.  Little A was in Monday morning mode which is always delightful...not!  The girls just wanted to stay home and do all the crafts they got at the Hanukkah party yesterday.  I tried to put things in perspective for them and explained that they are damn lucky they get to go to school because in some countries only boys get to go and girls have to stay home, aren't allowed to learn to read and have to do nothing but have babies and scrub toilets their whole life.  Surprisingly, it actually worked and they were so flabbergasted by my preaching that they forgot all about complaining.  Ha!

Anyways, on Mondays its particularly important to appreciate the little things.  Here are the little things bringing me joy right now.

First, my new winter jacket I got on Black Friday for 50% off.

It is the lightest, warmest and most flattering winter coat I have ever owned.  LOVE IT! By the way, that is not me in the picture ;)

For some reason I am craving hot drinks, but I am suddenly not into drip coffee or tea.  Its weird actually...but what I'm guzzling these days are homemade mochas made from espresso powder, NuNaturals cocoa syrup and a bit of milk.  Sometimes I will even add a chai tea bag to spice things up a bit. Guilt-free mochas that warm the soul! 

Tricking my kids into eating secretly healthy foods while they believe they are decadent these frosted chocolate cupcakes (they ALL got devoured in one evening, no joke!).  Unfortunately, I can't share the recipe, although it may go on my new business website ;)
Winter Squash and sweet potatoes.  For some odd reason I was turned off squash and sweet potatoes during my pregnancies and even for a few years after my distaste lingered.  But gradually my love for them has returned and now I'm kind of obsessed. 
Unfortunately, no sooner had I decided that delicate squash is my absolute favorite, it suddenly disappeared from all the store shelves.  Sigh!
Body Shop Shea Body Butter.
Click for enlarged view
This is the only stuff I use in the winter.  I love it, I love the smell and it keeps my skin feeling moisturized all day!
What are the little things making you happy these days?


  1. Love that coat!! I'm in the market for a new one...would you mind sharing the brand/style with me??

  2. Of course, its the MARC NEW YORK ANDREW MARC Alana Lacquer Puffer Coat