Monday, December 1, 2014

Making Waves

funny swimming picture - pool lanes

Hi and welcome to the start of a new week!

This weekend Big A officially passed Swim Kids 10!  In case you are not familiar with these levels, this means she is now ready to start Bronze Star level...even though at age 8, she isn't eligible to pass Bronze Star for another 3 years, until she is 11.  I am so proud of her, she is such an amazing swimmer.  Something I can never say about myself.  So far, she has no interest in joining a swim team, and I can't blame her, I was never interested in competing either.

I did love swimming as a young kid, but then there was a point where I stopped enjoying it.  I actually remember the moment.  The swim instructor threw weights into the deepest part of the pool and asked us to retrieve them.  I dove down and remember if felt like miles just to get to the bottom.  I struggled and ended up having to come up for breath before I got the weight.  In the end I got it, but something about the whole experience freaked me out.  And that was it.

Then, of course, add all the appearance-related insecurities of puberty to the mix and getting into a bathing suit because something I had no interest in doing.  Even now, I hate getting into a bathing suit, though pulling on tight spandex workout clothes to teach a fitness class is no problem for me.  But seriously, spandex pants and tank are one thing...a bathing suit is like wearing nothing but underwear and a bra!

I do get the benefits of swimming though and I actually love aquafit.  I did mom and baby aquafit with Little A for months when she was an infant and was really surprised how challenging it can be.  But its also very therapeutic to be in the water. If my muscles are really sore from a workout, soaking in a pool for a bit always makes me feel better.

The kids both adore swimming, but I still don't.  Aside from having to wear a bathing suit, I also find most pools too cold (which is weird because I am usually always too warm), and get grossed out by dirty pool decks and change rooms.  Blech!  Oh, and I absolutely hate the smell of chlorine.  Like it makes me gag.  Luckily for the girls, they have an awesome dad who will pretty much take them swimming whenever they want.

Swimming is the only activity we insist the girls do, so its good they love it.  Adam and I believe it is an important life skill to have.  I am really hoping Big A will go on to do her life guarding training because that is such a great job for a kid.  Here in Toronto, there are tons of pools and splash pads that offer youth summer jobs that pay relatively well.  But I know if she isn't interested in that, I will have to not push it.

I fully intend on bringing my bathing suit to Florida and this year the intention is to even get in the pool and swim with the kids at least once.  That's the intention, anyways!

I am so glad both girls enjoy being active, and I hope that Adam and I are setting a good example for them.  My parents had little interest in physical activity as adults, so in some ways its surprising that my brother and I are both so active (he's more into sports as opposed to fitness though).  That being said, its important not to push kids too hard and turn them off, so aside from swimming, we let the girls choose what they want to do, if anything.  Big A loves extracurriculars and is doing dance (tap/jazz) and gymnastics along with swimming, while Little A also does gymnastics.  I think Big A would do more if we let her, but frankly its too challenging to fit all these activities in, especially now that getting around Toronto is such a complete nightmare.

Have a great Monday.

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