Monday, December 29, 2014

My Brain...On Holiday

Hello!  How have your holidays been?

We had a truly fabulous time in Florida! It was really amazing.

One thing that made it so great was I was far more disconnected than usual. As it turned out, the resort had spotty Wifi and I could not get any Internet on my Ipad, except if I went and sat in the reception area.  Because of this, I ended up checking my email every other day, only because I'd left a voice mail telling clients I would be reachable by email, and checked Facebook once a day on Adam's computer.  Aside from that I was totally offline and out of touch with the whole world.  I barely watched television, and didn't read a newspaper once (I usually read 2-3 a day).  It was the most stress-free I think I've been in years.  It felt awesome.

This photo was taken by Little A, with me wearing a dress of Big A's and my hair, in its naturally curly state, pulled back...and I am sandy, smelling of chlorine from the pool, and utterly relaxed.  Bliss!

Unfortunately, its now back to reality and one cannot hide away forever.  But it was a good reminder how important it is to periodically get away from it all and completely disengage.
Here is Big A and I on our last day in Florida.  Don't I look relaxed???

Stay tuned for a full review of the resort and all the details of our amazing week!

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