Friday, February 21, 2014

Good Mornings

Back in my day: we played outside, not online. Parents called your name, not your cell phone. And if you
didn't eat what mom
cooked, you didn't eat.

Yes, I know I'm
fucking old!

Wow, have mornings been up and down this week!  Unfortunately, when they are bad, they are really bad.  It usually starts with one of the girls waking up in a bad mood and then goes downhill from there.  It's usually Little A who wakes up in a snit (particularly on Mondays, or in the case of 4 day weeks like this one, Tuesdays) but then Big A sees this as an opportunity to taunt her.  There has been lots of fighting.  Big A also gets obnoxious and defiant and complains about the unfairness of her life when asked to simply dress herself or clean up after herself.  The only morning when there was peace and quiet, I discovered (too late) that the girls were playing tattoo parlour with those stupid washable tattoos that actually do not wash off.  They both now look like members of a motorcycle gang.  This morning Little A was positively delightful while Big A had me wanting to tear my hair out with her obnoxious attitude.

Oh well, at least the new breakfast rules are still working like a charm and helping us get out of the house earlier.  And, as my friend Megan pointed out, once I finally drop them off, at least the hardest part of my day is done.  Amen to that!

This weekend is a quiet one.  We have errands to do and Big A has a birthday party...relatively speaking.  The girls have a double playdate, we have a shiva to attend, and the kids have all their usual activities.  The milder weather is going to hold, but only until Monday when temps are supposed to drop again.  Poop!

So have a happy, healthy weekend.

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  1. LOL - I can totally relate :) My oldest taunts my two youngest daughters all morning long. Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by my blog!