Monday, May 24, 2010

Wee Wee Wee, All The Way Home

I am the first one to admit I am a chronic worrier, but this time I am REALLY worried about Big A. A few weeks ago she started having accidents at night. At first I didn't catch on because she would say mommy my underwear is wet because I was so sweaty and I believed her because I am a sweaty sleeper and she generally is warm all the time like I am. But then I smelled her sheets and realized that was no sweat, that was pee! Then she had a poo accident at daycare one day last week...even the teachers were shocked since she has been toilet trained since she turned 2 (she was wearing underwear at her second birthday party). This weekend she had accidents Saturday and Sunday night and today while napping she had another and later while awake she had another (in a pull-up because we finally got tired of cleaning up). Now, granted, she came down with a bad stomach flu this weekend, but I don't think bed wetting is a typical symptom of gastroenteritis.

My friends told me to Google bedwetting, which, of course, turned out to be a mistake. I found out that it is more common in boys and that if accidents happen during the day, that's something to worry about and kidney problems and neurological disorders are possibilities. HOLY @#*%&^! I consulted my sister-in-law, the physician, however, and she reassured me that this is not uncommon, that girls often get distracted during the day and simply don't want to go to the bathroom right away. And bedwetting at night is generally a common problem. So I'm trying to stay calm. Fortunately, we have a doctor appointment for Big A on Wednesday.

I'm actually hoping it's a psychological problem, maybe related to the jealousy of Little A. Tonight she asked if she could, "Drink milk from my booby." She's asked many times before and I finally said she could. She did for a split second and told me it was yummy and asked if I would pump some for her tomorrow. I said, "No, booby milk is for babies and big girls need to eat big girl food." The accidents have succeeded in freaking Adam and I out (Adam has already decided that she is going to still be wearing pull-ups in September so she's going to get made fun of by all the other kids at school), so maybe she is just using it to get our attention, or to make herself more like Little A? This actually seems preferable to a medical problem. Either way though, we've got something to worry about. I can't wait to speak to her doctor on Wednesday and hopefully get some answers...

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