Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Mayhem

Well it was quite the weekend...there was good, there was bad and there was just plain ugly.

My parents arrived Friday to help us celebrate the girls' birthdays yesterday. Big A was very excited about her best friend Grace coming for the party. Unfortunately, she was so excited, she decided she ONLY wanted to play with Grace and she wouldn't let my niece, Sofia, play with them, because Sofia is 18 months younger and not yet a "big big girl". This led to many tears (it still breaks my heart to think about my poor, sweet niece's hurt feelings!)and my brother and sister-in-law were not at all impressed. but Big A was unwaivering in her stance. She only wanted to play with Grace and her dolls in her bedroom. These situations are always so ackward. We feel our children are a reflection of ourselves, so, of course, we are embarrassed and ashamed when they exhibit poor behaviour. But what I realized later is that she was only willing to pull this stunt because she thinks of Sofia almost as her own sister...I don't think she would have pulled this with another child. But that is not much consolation for poor Sofia nor for her parents who might simply feel that Big A is a rotten child or that we are rotten parents, or both.

And maybe both are true, but it is also true that the Green Eyed Monster has taken over Big A. She is absolutely consumed with jealousy now. When she thinks we're not looking, she pinches, hits or pushes Little A. So likely anyone who takes away attention from her (including Little A and all her cousins) is viewed as a threat.

Today we celebrated Mother's Day. The good is that both girls slept in - Big A until 7:20am, Little A until 7:50am, just after I'd left the house to go to the gym and teach my spinning class. Never mind the fact that neither Adam nor I slept well last night. The point is, it was the first Sunday morning in weeks that I wasn't woken up around 6am to wipe a butt!

After Little A woke up from her morning nap, we went to the Yorkdale mall where Adam, his parents and the girls had lunch at Pickle Barrel while I went on my annual Mother's Day shopping spree. It was so much fun and very successful this year. I got a dress at H&M, a bunch of tops and a great discovery: Old Navy Kids is a great place to buy jeans if you're short. I got 2 pairs in different colours and they were so so cheap.

And the bad. Little A is eating worse than ever these days and this weekend was no exception. Every day she changes her mind about what she likes, but lately she seems to like almost nothing. She also didn't take an afternoon nap today. Big A took a good afternoon nap when we got back from the mall but when she woke up, she was absolutely miserable. Now, this is not entirely unusual, however, its been a while since we've had an episode this bad. She just woke up screaming and wouldn't snap out of it. Adam wanted to go visit his grandmother but Big A wouldn't get dressed. Finally, we decided that Adam would go with Little A and I would stay home with Big A. At the last second just before Adam pulled away in the car, Big A freaked out and said she wanted to go. Shoes went on and we all went to visit Adam's grandparents.

The visit started out fine. Both girls played happily but when Adam's grandmother offered to feed the girls dinner the trouble started. Big A rejected each option she was offered. Then she got sullen and said she was hungry but she refused to go home. Somehow we got everyone into the car at which point Big A became relatively subdued and Little A started wailing and basically wailed the whole way home. The day ended with Little A eating almost no dinner, Big A eating a decent one and then both of them going to sleep without much resistance.

Happy Mother's Day!

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