Friday, April 16, 2010

You might find this funny but it's snot

P1: I team taught the Brazilian Butt Lift class with the Group Ex director yesterday at the Toronto Athletic Club (TAC). Wow, this woman is like 38 weeks pregnant and she is still going strong. I feel like the fact that I taught spinning right up until a few days before having both girls is nothing compared to what she's been doing! The class definitely kicks your butt (mine's a bit sore today), so I'm going to have to come up with lots of different ways of challenging these enthusiastic folks. I am so excited to have a new class to teach!

P2: I really don't get the preschool psyche. After being fairly well behaved the whole time Adam was away, it all fell apart with Big A at bedtime last night. She kept calling us back up to her room after we put her to bed and then would scream each time we left her. She ended up screaming until she fell asleep. I can only guess that she was overwrought with emotion about having daddy home finally and just doesn't know how to handle it.

Little A woke up literally COVERED in snot. Poor thing seems to have caught Big A's cold. Between the two of them, I find myself wiping up a sea of mucus. Oh the joys of parenthood! Little A is proving to be just as active and busy as Big A was at this age. In fact, we may have to do further baby-proofing as Little A is getting into things that Big A never did. Like the toilet. While Big A was peeing the other night, Little A shoved her hand right down into the dirty water. Ugh! Thank goodness I was just about to give her a bath! But now Little A is constantly trying to lift the toilet seat so she can do it again. She is also getting into drawers and cupboards that Big A showed little interest in. Her curiosity combined with her rather advanced dexterity makes her a bit of a hazard. She also hates sitting in the back seat of our double stroller. Unfortunately, the way it is designed (Phil & Teds), the smaller child has to go in the back. So to entertain herself, Little A pulls everything out from the basket under the stroller and flings it on the sidewalk. This is getting very frustrating! We've lots things and everything is getting dirty because she throws it and before I notice, I've pushed the stroller right over it leaving dirty tire marks all over whatever it is (toy, piece of clothing Big A needs for daycare, etc.).

F1: There was an article in the paper about Paula Deen, the Food Network celebrity, being socially irresponsible. If you are not familiar with her, Deen is a woman from the southern U.S. who owns a few restaurants, has a cooking show and has published numerous cookbooks. Her style of cooking is, in my opinion, DISGUSTING and I wholeheartedly agree with the article. Picture bread pudding made with cinnamon buns or deep fried pound cake. You can't even argue that her stuff is at least "natural" if not ridiculously high in fat as she often starts her recipes with cake mixes and store bought pastry dough that is full of trans fat. Now most of us health conscious folks have moved away from the "fat free" craze of the 1990's, but Deen's stuff is seriously overkill. Once, out of curiousity, I watched her show and she made a 4 meat and cheese lasagna that she served sandwiched between 2 HUGE pieces of buttery garlic bread. Each portion was a 1/4 of the whole pan of lasagna AND a half the huge stick of bread. Goodness!

F2: If you run or walk regularly for fitness, don't forget to change your shoes every 6 months or so to avoid injury.

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