Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

P1: I am happy to report I got 100% on my first quiz, and 95% on my first paper in my Theories of Personality course. I feel like the material is coming pretty naturally to me simply because I find it so interesting. I am getting more and more excited about my new career path. I really feel like this is the direction I was meant to be going in all along. That being said, I no longer wallow in regret that I spent so many years on the "wrong" path. I think if I had gone into counselling right after my BA, as I had originally planned, it would have been a disaster simply because I didn't have the maturity or life experience required. Or at least that's what I tell myself.

P2: We have had another great weekend with the girls. Big A has been good, even though my parents were visiting - which sometimes stimulates some acting up due to a larger audience being present, and Little A has been good too, aside from some grumpiness yesterday which we finally figured out right before putting her down for the night, was due to her cutting a new tooth. She also gorged on sweet potato fries that we got from the BBQ restaurant we ordered from last night. Don't know why she likes the fried ones so much more than the healthier baked ones I make her...

We were able to coerce Big A into naps and all sorts of things this weekend with the promise of a piece of my father's birthday cake (we had an early birthday celebration for him last night). In the end, she only ate a few bites of the cake, but boy did we get our money's worth with the leverage it provided us!!

Because the weather has been so warm and wonderful, we've been to the park a few times this weekend and had so much fun. Now that Little A is almost a year old, I finally feel like I'm getting my sanity back. Last summer Little A was too small for the park and I had to be nursing her every few hours so weekend afternoons often involved Big A and Adam going to the park while I stayed home with Little A, and I would feel lonely and depressed. Now we can do so many more things all together as a family and it's great. I feel truly blessed to have such a beautiful family (and to have made it through the first year alive with 2 kids!!!).

F1: I have eaten way more red meat than is wise this past week. I love it but try not to eat it too often. At this point, I am now sick of meat and potatoes so Adam can eat his Kosher for Passover supper by himself tonight while I eat the banana blueberry pancakes I'm making. Of course any pancakes or waffles or French toast I make are merely a convenient vehicle for maple syrup or honey. I LOVE them!!!!! They had a story on the news last week about how they've discovered that maple syrup has as many antioxidents as some fruits and veggies. Yeah, another reason to eat more! Of course, they said you should stick to 2 tbls per serving. That made me laugh: I probably use a half cup at least. I love honey too, and sometimes put honey on pancakes instead of syrup, especially when I make my raspberry cornmeal pancakes, which are really good with honey. However, one of my favorite treats is just a peanut butter and honey sandwich on whole wheat bread. I could eat these types of treats for dinner more often, except Adam is not a big fan...he prefers regular (savoury) dinner food. Sometimes it's a real drag that Adam doesn't share my affinity for "breakfast for dinner" and doesn't eat pork or seafood or milk and meat together and doesn't like cheese or eggs or tuna...I always tell him that I need to find someone to have a "culinary affair" with because it's not the same to cook elaborate dinners (like lobster, for example) just for myself. Perhaps one day Big and/or Little A will share these types of meals with me. I guess that partly depends on how observant they decide to be with their Judaism and how picky they are with their food (hopefully less picky than they are now!!).

F2: Exercise of the week: Body weight tricep dips

This is a great exercise you can do at home with no equipment. Sit on a stair or large chair that won't tip from the weight of your body (or exercise bench) and place both your hands flat on whatever you are sitting on with your fingers hanging off the edge facing your heels. Feet are parallel and flat on the floor. The further away your feet are from your hands, the harder this exercise will be, so your knees can be bent or straight, depending on how strong your arms are. Slide your butt of and start bending your arms, keeping your elbows pointing backwards. Don't let the movement come from your torso and make sure you bend your arms low in order to target your triceps. Do at least 2 sets of 15 reps. If this isn't clear, check out the illustration here:

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