Thursday, April 8, 2010

April Showers...

We seem to have never ending rain this week and it is supposed to continue through the weekend until next week. Yuck!

P1: The past few days I have been working on a Lunch and Learn seminar I will be giving to corporate clients of the fitness consulting company I got hired with. It's on fitess/health goal setting, fitness myths and back care. I've been teaching myself how to use all the fancy animation stuff in Powerpoint, and it's actually kind of fun. The seminar isn't until June so I have lots of time to tinker with it.

P2: Little A is still so all over the place with her eating. One day is great, the next is terrible. I no longer worry, but more than anything, it is just frustrating because I can never predict what she will want, which means there is often lots of mess and wasted food. Tuesday at breakfast she refused her bread and almond butter and screamed when I gave her banana, yesterday she happy devoured both, today she refused both the bread and the banana again. Fortunately, she has started allowing us to feed her yogurt (first thing she's allowed us to feed her off a spoon in many months) so that is my new breakfast alternative. I'm wondering what things I can get away with hiding in yogurt? Last night she had an amazing dinner actually. She ate 1.5 spinach pancakes, 2 sweet potato pancakes, 2 fish sticks, kiwi fruit, melon and some of her organic puffed corn snacks...I couldn't believe it!

Things with Big A have been pretty good lately. We've had a few issues with her recently, but she usually snaps out of a mood pretty quickly. Because of all the rain, the sidewalks have been covered in worms, which I pointed out to her on the way to daycare the other day. She is now obsessed with finding worms. It's kind of cute. She insists that I don't go over them with the stroller so they don't get squished. That was actually pretty tough this morning because there were so many.

F1: Instead of putting jam on Little A's almond butter and bread, I use a homemade apricot spread. It's organic and has no added sugar. You could make it with just about any dried fruit. It's so easy. Here is the recipe:

Apricot Spread

2 lb organic dried apricots
1/2 tsp cinnamon

Put apricots and cinnamon in sauce pan and add just enough water to cover. Put lid on pot and bring to boil over medium heat. Remove lid and turn heat down to low. Simmer until most of water is absorbed and apricots are soft. Remove from heat and cool. Throw into food processer and add more water until a thick, spreadable consistency is reached. Spoon into ice cube trays and freeze over night. Dump cubes (they will stay soft, even when frozen) in Ziplock bag and remove from freezer as needed.

F2: Did you know that regular exercise can prevent and treat mild depression and anxiety problems? Just another reason to get moving...

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