Monday, April 3, 2017

Core de Force: Workout Program Review

Once a week in my fitness routine, Monday, as a matter of fact, is core day. I love core day, but long ago I got sick of my rotating routines. Though I like my Jillian Michaels DVDs, and continue to keep them challenging by increasing the weight I use, I am bored of them. I plain hate the Bob Harper one I have, its weird and he's annoying. But I do it to add variety. I will throw in the ones that came with my Tapout XT set, but I don't love them. I've been doing all of them for years and have been dying for something new. Unfortunately, I never found anything that seemed worth buying...until now.

I stumbled across a new workout program called Core de Force from Beach Body. It combines 2 of my favorite things: core work, and MMA inspired fitness!

Its led by trainers Jericho McMatthews and Joel Freeman and includes 3 DVDs full of workouts. Also, includes all the usual Beach Body stuff (workout plan, diet plan, etc.), but I toss that stuff.

The full workouts are between 27-47 minutes, and then there is a 16 minute floor routine, and a 5 minute plank challenge routine.

Now first things first. Its fun! Workouts have to be fun, right?

The shorter ones I don't fine too intense but I enjoy the punching and kicking work. There are 5 minute coaching sections before each full workout to help prepare you for the moves you'll need, if you are a newbie to MMA. I'd seen most of it before in my Tapout XT and UFC Fit programs.

The 16 minute floor routine and 5 minute plank challenge are solid ab workouts, and will definitely be very difficult for beginners. What I love is that none of these workouts involve any equipment, so this makes them perfect for traveling! What I don't love is that the 5 minute plank challenge is on each DVD. Since the program is supposed to focus on core, you'd think they could give you a different one on each DVD, but no, its the exact same.

The two longest workouts, MMA Power, and MMA Plyo, are by far the most challenging. Not just because they are longer, but also higher intensity. More lower body work, more level change exercises that really get your heart rate up. Everything definitely works your core!

If you hate situps or traditional core work, and the idea of learning MMA moves sounds fun to you, definitely give this a try. You will for sure have some learning curve if you've never done any of these moves before, so you do have to have some patience to learn them, but its nothing like fancy dancy moves aerobics or anything. Its also a good program for anyone who doesn't have any weights or fitness equipment and doesn't want to purchase any. You also don't need a ton of room, just enough to be able to kick without bashing into something.

My biggest criticism is that they don't always do a particular combination on both sides of your body. Occasionally they do, but I would say 2/3 times they don't, which I find weird, and very annoying, being the A Type that I am. But really, isn't it important to work both sides of your body evenly? They workouts are essentially HIIT, alternating between kicking and punching combos of varying intensity, with 'spikes' (more cardio like moves) in between. Everything is repeated twice, so there is no excuse for not doing everything on each side.

In any case, I most definitely will integrate these workouts into my routine, and will be packing up the set in my suitcase next time I want to bring a portable fitness program with me when I travel.

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