Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Launch

Good morning and happy first day back at school!

I hope you're weekend was as good as ours...we had a blast: birthday dinner for my father-in-law, Costco trip with a little lot of retail therapy, movie (Shaun the Sheep...very cute!), and visit with my brother and his family.  But today its all business.

I was expecting the worst today seeing as it is the first day of new routines and Little A not only doesn't really like school, but she doesn't always adapt to change well.  I am thrilled and shocked to report, however, that this morning went incredibly smoothly!  Sometimes it pays to set your expectations low.

Our new morning rule is that nobody gets to eat breakfast until absolutely everything else is done (clothes on, sunscreen, lunch and school bag packed, etc.).  Since the girls are highly motivated by food (and only motivated by food), this seems to be working well.  It also helped that it is raining, so I drove them, which saved time, and meant we arrived at morning daycare.  Little A always prefers the transition to daycare more than if we arrive late and I have to drop her directly at her classroom.  Unfortunately, I know I can't expect every morning to go this well, but maybe this year won't be as incredibly stressful as I'm anticipating?  In any case, I'm eager to hear how the girls enjoy their new classes when I go to pick them up.

I'll keep you posted!

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