Tuesday, December 18, 2012

President's Choice Holiday Insider's Report 2012

It's out: President's Choice Insider's Report for the 2012 holiday season featuring all the latest products available at Loblaws and affiliated grocery chains across Canada.

Honestly, it's pretty much same old, same old.  High fat frozen hors d'oeuvres, and rich, sugary desserts, many of which are probably not worth the calories.  Really, I'm not saying you shouldn't indulge at all over the holidays, just indulge in only the absolute best stuff, and skip the rest.

Here are a few tips to keep you feeling your best all season long:

For savoury bites, stick with good ol' fresh veggies with hummus or dip, pickles, olives, cheese and whole grain crackers, popcorn, etc.  A shrimp platter is another healthy option:
PC Shrimp Platter with Mild Cocktail Sauce
If you do want something a bit more indulgent, go with something like a holiday nut carousel:
PC Holiday Nut Carousel

Personally, I think most appetizer-type foods are icky.  If you are looking to splurge, I say save it for the sweet stuff at the end of your meal.  Go with the dark chocolate covered peppermint patties:
PC Dark Chocolate Covered Peppermint Patties
 Or if you're really in the mood to indulge, check out President's Choice Black Label premium ice creams:

Just don't make a habit of it, keep it as a once a year treat, ha ha!!

If you're doing your own baking, check out their new mint chocolate chips:
PC The Decadent Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips - Mint Flavour
Whatever you do, stay away from the PC Candy Cane Flavoured Coffee:
PC Candy Cane Flavoured Ground Coffee
As you may recall, I tried it last year and it made me want to hurl.  Sorry, not into drinking hot toothpaste thanks!  Fortunately, true to their word, Loblaws gave me my money back. 

Enjoy the holidays, but keep in mind that recent research has shown that just one high-fat meal can have serious health consequences.  So this holiday season, try to make as many healthy choices as you can and only indulge on your absolute favorites.  Oh, and don't forget to exercise in between all those holiday gatherings! 

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