Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hannukah Cereal Squares

If you celebrate Christmas, there are endless decorating options for your home and food.  The choices are far more limited for Hannukah.  Blue and white are the colours and menorahs and dreidels are the associated objects.  Even though I love Christmas lights, white and blue lights would still look Christmas-y.  I suppose I could make a wreath out of dreidels or something, but I'm not that crafty.

I had a similar problem looking for a way to make Hannukah themed cereal squares for our community Hannukah party.  Red, white and green Christmas sprinkles and candies are everywhere, but there were no blue and white Hannukah ones to be found.  I'm sure they exist somewhere but not in my 'hood.  In any case, I wasn't thrilled about adding some food-colour-filled sugary crap to an already not particularly nutritious treat.  So I settled on dried blueberries!  There ya go, blue and white.  And blueberry and vanilla flavours are so good together, I'm pretty pleased with myself.  Of course, if you are doing Christmas, you could use dried cherries or cranberries instead.

These went over well at the party and were so easy to make, I think this might be a future bake sale contribution.  I used organic brown rice crisp cereal, rather than the usual snap, crackle and pop stuff, to make them at least a wee bit healthier, but really these are just a sweet treat. 

This recipe makes a lot as I was serving them at a huge gathering, so just cut it in half, if necessary.

Hannukah Cereal Squares

6 tbls butter
8 cups mini marshmellows
2 tsp vanilla extract
12 cups rice crisp cereal
1 cup dried blueberries

Melt butter over medium heat.  Add marshmellows and vanilla and stir until everything is melted and smooth.  Remove from heat and mix in cereal until evenly coated.  Stir in blueberries.  Press firmly into 2 9x12 pans and refrigerate until set.  Cut into squares.  Keep in airtight container for up to 10 days.  Makes lots.


  1. I would be delighted to mail you some Hanukkah cookie decor if you want some!

  2. and - flying or driving? If driving and you want a layover with cousins....let me know!

  3. Aww, we're flying. But we seriously have to get our families together one day!