Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Earaches and Bad Booboos

Well Little A was sent home with her first "daycare fever" yesterday. The daycare teachers scared the #%*$ out of me though, because on the phone they said she had a very high fever of one-hundred-and-seven and she was shaking. I knew it couldn't really be 107, but even if it was 103, it was serious. I raced down there thinking I would pick her up, get big A and subway it down to the Hospital for Sick Children (our car was in the shop) but when I got there her teacher said, "I was wondering why you seemed so upset on the phone and then I realized you must have thought I meant 107, but I meant 100.7 (though she admits sayiing 107 and repeating it 6 times to me on the phone!). So she was clingy and grumpy but not lethargic or anything. Sigh! I took her, walked over to Big A's school, picked her up and went home. At home Little A nursed for over an hour and basically insisted that Adam or I hold her all night until we put her to bed. Advil got rid of her fever but she was clearly not 100%. So this morning we headed for the doctors and sure enough: An infection in both ears. Of course she hates the antibiotics so giving her the first dose resulted in both of us being covered in fluorescent yellow banana-flavoured liquid. Hopefully some actually got into her. I told the doctor they should make all kids meds into gummy bears, like the girls' vitamins. She said it would be helpful but most pharmaceutical companies are weary of that kind of thing in case a child gets ahold of the medication and gobbles down an overdose since it looks and tastes like candy. Good point, I guess, but you could just put them in child-proof bottles, I can't even open those bloody things!

I put Little A down for an early nap today and proceded to get dinner prepped because Big A has her best friend, G., coming over this afternoon. I figure trying to get anything down with 3 girls running around might be a challenge. So while conversing with Maria, our cleaning woman, I sliced 2 of my fingers really badly cutting onions. Like really badly. I probably need a stitch in one finger but seeing as it's not nearly life threatening, there is no way I'm heading down to the ER just so I can wait for 8 hours. Besides, I've cut myself worse before and not gone for stitches. It'll heal eventually. I just have 2 REALLY bandaged up fingers...and it HURTS. Of course, now I'm worrying that I'll get flesh-eating disease like the chef that was on Oprah who ended up losing one arm and most of the right side of her torso because she caught it when she cut her finger chopping celery...

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