Friday, July 23, 2010

Oh the Irony!

So it turns out that all of my fellow students who were in Prof A-hole's course thought he was outrageously horrible and we all gave him scathing reviews on his teaching evaluations. In fact, I specified that he should not be teaching. Anything. Ever.

I fully expected to not do as well in this course as I have in the others and frankly didn't care too much because I just wanted to be finished with it, and finished with him. However, when I learned that most of my peers had gotten their marks back already, I started to get nervous on Wednesday. Suddenly I began worrying that he'd already seen the teaching evals and was able to identify mine and was pondering how to get back at me. Fail me? Accuse me of plagarism on my final paper? Then I got my paper returned yesterday...Whoa was I surprised! He gave me a 95% (98% for content and 3% deduction for APA formatting errors), gushed about how beautifully it was written, said it was one of the best, and offered me an academic reference if I ever need it. Ha Ha!

It gets even better. Today I got an email from him saying that he changed my grade for my week 3 assignment from an 84% (all my other grades were >90% but that week he said that although my writing and research was beyond rapproach, my work wasn't interactive enough with the other students) to a 91% and he raised my paper grade from a 95% to a 96% so he can give me an A+ in the course. Oh, and he offered me a reference again.

I'm not sure why, but this whole situation actually makes me a little uncomfortable. Probably because I have this image of him reading my teaching eval, realizing I panned him and flying into a rage and trying to seek revenge on me somehow. Geez, that sounds really paranoid. Perhaps he and I both have personality disorders...

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