Monday, November 14, 2016

Aladdin Beverage Bottle

Good morning and welcome to the beginning of a new week. I can't say I am feeling more optimistic about the state of the world right now, but talking it out with friends and family does help.

Alright, lets move on to talking water bottles.

After smashing my Lululemon water bottle, I was all set to buy another one and try again.  But on my way to the store, on a trip we took to Yorkdale Mall a few months ago, I made a detour into Home Outfitters.  I decided to just see what my other options were, as I suddenly started having doubts I can handle another glass water bottle.  So far I'm 0/2 in keeping them longer than a few weeks before I break them.

After perusing all the options, I decided stainless steel was a better choice for me.  I chose an Aladdin Flip and Seal, though it looks like its for hot drinks, it can be used for both, and it promises to be leak proof.  Not that many of my past water bottles haven't broken that promise! Well, so far so good! No leaks, even when I've filled it with bubbly water from our Soda Stream, and its turned upside down in my lunch bag on the way to work!  It also keeps my cold drinks super cold. When I open it hours later, often there are still a few ice cubes at the bottom.  Even months later, it doesn't leak!! It also hasn't warped like the stainless steel bottles I bought the girls did after several weeks. I have also used it for hot drinks and its great for that too. I am very happy and confident I will have this bottle for a long time...unless I lose it. I definitely recommend!!

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