Monday, November 5, 2012

Health Warrier Chia Bars

So it's been just over a week since I started taking an iron supplement.  I am pleased to say I haven't had any adverse side-effects yet.  The plumbing is still working smoothly.  I have noticed that I have a bit more of a spring in my step, most notable in the mornings after I've had my coffee when I feel like I could scale a large mountain in a single bound.  Perhaps that's just the placebo effect, but yesterday several of my spinning participants came up after my class and asked how I could talk through teaching such an intense class and not be least bit winded.  Nevertheless, this extra energy hasn't interfered with my sleep as I feared, in fact, I've been sleeping really well lately, which I suspect is due to the chilly weather.  I always sleep better in cold weather.

If you are lacking energy, you should always see your doctor to rule out any medical problem, such as anemia, depression, or a thyroid condition, but you should also review your lifestyle to identify any energy-sapping culprits.  Poor nutrition, inadequate sleep, excess stress, and physical inactivity can all contribute to low energy.

I'll use that as a seguay to introducing a new snack that's now on the market.

Recently, I was sent a package of new Health Warrier bars to try.  These are small, 100-110 calorie snack bars that come in chocolate peanut butter, coconut, and berry flavours.  The bars are made from chia seeds and each one contains:

- 1000mg Omega 3
- 4g dietary fiber
- 3g plant-based protein
- 5 critical antioxidants

They are also gluten, dairy and soy free, 100% vegan, and 100% natural.

I gave a few to Adam to try and here is what he had to say:

"Most people look to protein/health-type bars to get the nutritional benefits in a convenient way that, ideally, does not remind them that they are eating healthy. The convenience is here with the Health Warrior bars – they’re small, low cal, an easy to digest – but the taste is not. Put simply, they taste much too healthy. These bars taste like soft sesame bars/sticks, so if one likes those things, then one will probably like these too. The three different flavours that I tried add only a limited amount of additional taste to what feels much more like eating a generic healthy bar than anything else. I might consider continuing to eat these because they are good for me, but I’d never look to them voluntarily as a healthy treat."

Given Adam's opinion that they taste 'too healthy', I wasn't even going to dare offering them to the girls.  I intended to save the rest for myself, but Big A spied them and asked if she could try them.  She chose the berry one, and gobbled it down in 2 seconds, declaring it, "Yummy!"  She hoovered down the coconut one just as quickly.  So, feeling brave, I offered the chocolate peanut butter flavour to picky, fussy, Little A, and, to my surprise, she devoured it almost as quickly and also claimed it was, "Delicious!"

So if you want a kid-friendly snack that is definitely more nutritious than your standard granola/snack bar, look no further.  Just keep in mind that these contain nuts, so they cannot be put in a lunch box.

Health Warrier bars are currently available online, and at Whole Foods Markets.

Disclaimer: I was sent these bars for free in exchange for the review, but all opinions on this blog are my own.

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